Why Is Everyone So Concerned About “Climate Change?”

I mean, honestly, it perplexes me. It really does. So many people are so concerned about what effects may occur 50 to 100 or more years in the future. They are concerned that we may be at the point of no return as we speak. But haven’t these people heard?

Of NUCLEAR WEAPONS AND TECHNOLOGY???!!! Because let me tell you, I’m no expert in nuclear physics or the particulars of global warming, which had it’s name changed to “climate change,” I imagine because of the violent and protracted cold snaps that have taken place since the coining of the term “global warming,” thereby proving the inventors of the term completely incompetent.

But! I know enough about the two subjects to know that nuclear weapons and technology have the ability to change the climate in an IMMENSELY shorter period of time than “climate change,” could ever dream of doing! Yet it seems the population at large is unable to even comprehend the startlingly immediate threat these weapons and technology pose to us all and the planet.


What are the purported reasons for the concern about climate change? We are concerned that we will change the environment, the planet, and it’s ecosystems to the point that it will threaten what? The survival of all living entities on the planet including us, homo sapiens. We will not be able to survive.

Well I have a news flash for you: If some nutter decides to put his or her finger on the button, that reality will come to pass infinitely sooner than climate change could ever effect.

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing the automatic, robot like mantra spewing forth from brainwashed zombies that nuclear technology is a safe and clean method of producing energy. IT’S NOT!

It’s certainly not safe and it’s certainly not clean. That’s been proven by both the Chernobyl and Fukishima disasters. There they are. I can hear them as I write this, “Oh but they’re isolated, one off situations,” “They’re extreme situations.” “Highly unlikely events,” “Fukishima was caused by a natural disaster. You can’t say nuclear technology is unsafe because of that.”

Yes I can! Dear Lord! It happened right in front of our eyes, but the zombie robots in our society still seem unable to confront the reality.

Nuclear technology and mans stupid mindAnother One of the Dumbest Smart Men in the World. do not belong together at this point in time. Yet thanks to Mr. Oppenheimer and his buddies, and whichever black hats were paving the way for them, that’s exactly what we have. Nuclear technology controlled by mans stupid mind. So I guess we had better make mans mind a lot less stupid. Pronto!

And in the mean time we might be better served by focusing our attention on the  more immediate threat to ours, and our planets survival, the idiotic use of nuclear technology. How we do that? I’m open to all well intentioned ideas.

That’s my rant for the day.

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  1. Hi Phil,
    I came across your site while reading your WA profile.
    I widely agree with your thoughts about this nuclear bullshit, but on the other hand, I would not say that climate change will kill us. Although we are so afraid of changes, the human being is intelligent enough to get adapted to almost any kind of environmental alterations. Unfortunately, we just don’t want. And if we do, we normally try to adapt our environment to us, rather than the other way round, which I believe is the better one.
    The only thing we can do by now, as I think, is to add our little particular bits, take our little individual steps and try to spread the word, as you do, and maybe get mankind closer to a lifestyle which is more respectful with nature and therefore better for us.
    Thanks for being there, take care!

    1. Hi Rudolf,

      Thanks for the comment on this blog. I agree with you 100% when you say that climate change will not kill us, that we are intelligent and adaptable. I believe that there is a good chance that new technologies could be invented to address climate change. I believe it’s quiet possible that technologies to control climate change have ALREADY been invented but, in a time honoured Wall Street tradition, may have been suppressed. I guess I was pointing out how large swathes of people get fixated on a popular line of thinking, feed to them by PR geniuses, and forget about the elephant in the room.

      I have become a big fan of simpler is better, more effective. This category/section is just me throwing random thoughts of mine, and not necessarily relevant to the rest of the website, into the arena and this particular post is an example of me trying to simplify an idea or problem. Have you noticed how different people have rabid fixations about a subject, issue or attempted solution to a problem? I notice how this fixation tends to lead to a proliferation of complicated and convoluted thinking. The internet is both a blessing and a curse in relation to this because there is such a HUGE ocean of data out in front of people now. The problem is; some of that data is true, some is false, some data is far more important than other data. I personally believe that simplification, rather than complication, is more important to achieving big solutions.

      I also agree with you that our small steps are a potential way to make big changes.

      I love the way you are thinking of a lifestyle that is more respectful of nature.

      Thank you for being there also and you take care too!

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