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 AquaNui Water Distillers

This is where we get jealous of you guys in The Americas! Pure & Secure LLC manufacture AquaNui distillers which are a great looking unit that are perfect for distilling your families personal drinking water supply, including the cat and the dog! They come in counter top semi-automatic and fully automatic stand alone units. BUT….they are a 120 volt unit so we are unable to use them here in Australia! Good for you guys over there in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, not so good for us. Luckily for any Aussies reading, Pure & Secure make another brand, “Pure Water,” that we can use here. If you want to know the difference between a fully automatic and semi-automatic unit you can read our blog on pure water distillers. 

Now here is a bit of trivia for you: Pure & Secure are the U.S. Governments’ water distillation manufacturer of choice for over 100 U.S. embassies around the world. Trust us when we say you want to drink the water that the boys and girls on Capitol Hill are drinking because they know what’s in all the other types of water!

AquaNui have different size units, the 8G pictured left with a 5 gallon storage tank, the 10G, and the 12G, capable of making different amounts of pure distilled water in a 24 hour time period. For example, the 8G produces 8 gallons (30 litres) of pure distilled water in a 24 hours. That’s 1 gallon (3.75 litres) every three hours. Likewise, the 10G and 12G units produce 10 gallons (37 litres) and 12 gallons (45 litres) per day respectively. All units come with a standard 5 gallon storage unit but 10 and 15 gallon choices are available as upgrades.

Nashua and I purchase 15 litre bottles (4 gallons) of distilled water and it typically lasts us 2 or 3 days for our drinking water. If we had our own water distiller we would definitely use more because we would use it to wash our dishes as well. At the moment we use the city supply for washing dishes because we prioritise the distilled water for our personal consumption. Of course the holy grail would be having a commercial unit for the houses’ whole water supply. Showering in distilled water would be the closest thing to bathing in Cleopatras milk baths! As it happens, Pure & Secure LLC manufacture two brands of distillers, one being the “AquaNui” brand and the other called “Pure Water,” which you can see in the next section. The Pure Water range include commercial distillers so you could literally bathe in pure, distilled water.

In addition to the unit itself, AquaNui have different accessories available to make life a little easier. As mentioned earlier, the units come with a 5 gallon storage tank. You can upgrade to different size storage tanks dependent upon your requirements, but you can also get such accessories as a pump with varying lengths of food grade tubing, and also a Softener Cartridge System if you have a hard water supply.

The AquaNui distillers are fairly expensive but let us say this. They are a true investment. Why? Because they are manufactured in The States, which is rare these days, are made of high quality stainless steel, and, most importantly of all, the way they are manufactured is a lost art.

unit with a 15 gallon storage

What do we mean? Well, we would like you to think back to the days that products were manufactured to STAND THE TEST OF TIME. Those of you that are old enough may have a vague memory of these times. Forget about it if you are a millenial! You are far too young to have a memory of anything other than products that breakdown and need to be replaced every couple of years but, just so you know, once upon a time, products were manufactured to last a really long time so that those products customers would be happy.

And so it is the case with AquaNui water distillers. Although the AquaNui brand is relatively new for Pure & Secure LLC, their Pure Water brand has been going for a very long time. Many happy customers have units that are STILL producing beautifully clean distilled water some 40 years after they first purchased them! That is a testament to Pure & Secures exceptional quality and principles. Tip of the hat to them for not forsaking quality.

We’re right behind Al and the team at AquaNui and it gives us great pride to recommend them here at The Organic Warriors. It is a special kind of company that, as primary order of business, produces a product out of genuine goodwill for their fellow man.

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