Natural Organic Toothpaste. You’ve Been Warned!

Here’s something you might not have known and that you might find interesting. Have you been thinking about changing from your regular toothpaste to a natural organic toothpaste? It’s a really good idea and we would encourage you to do so. Why? Because there is some nasty stuff in our “everyday” toothpaste brands, fluoride being the most well publicised, that’s why. But before you throw out your old toothpaste and run out the door to buy some new natural and/or organic toothpaste, do us favour.


“Whaaaaaat?” we hear you say. That’s right. You read that correctly. Please do not go onto your new natural organic toothpaste without weaning yourself off the regular stuff. It may seem strange that we would be using a term more commonly associated with the withdrawal from elicit narcotics but it is also relevant to changing your toothpaste.

The Problem With Regular Toothpaste.

The problem here is that regular toothpastes completely antibioticise your mouth. That means that ALL bacteria in your mouth are killed off. As you may or may not know, there are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria so if you go straight to a natural toothpaste you are very likely to have problems with your oral health because all of your good oral bacteria have long since passed away, a result of years of using “normal” toothpaste. It seems strange doesn’t it? Somewhat counter-intuitive. Are you trying to say if I move to a natural, healthy toothpaste, my oral health will be adversely affected? Yes. That’s what we are telling you.


You see, in a normal state your teeth have a microscopic layer or biofilm of healthy bacteria that help protect them and the inside of your mouth is populated with healthy bacteria also. When regular toothpaste is used this layer and bacteria are removed. If you immediately change from regular toothpaste to natural organic toothpaste harmful bacteria will quickly multiply and you will have oral health problems.

What Happened To Me?

I can attest to this because it is exactly the scenario I found myself in when I first tried to make the move to natural toothpaste waayyyy back in the early 2000’s. I had been working on a building site in Sydney. I found myself sitting in the lunch room with the construction manager one day. He and I were the only two people in there and he started telling me how he had been reading some bits and pieces about the negative effects of fluoride on our bodies. At that point in time I knew nothing about natural products or foods and I found the whole conversation somewhat interesting. So much so, that about a week later I was in the supermarket looking for toothpaste when I saw a natural one on display. I remembered my conversation with the construction manager and decided I would give it a try.

It didn’t go well…….

It would have been a few weeks later and my gums were very red and sore and even bleeding a little. The Simpsons character Bleeding Gums Murphy comes to mind! Prior to switching toothpaste I had none of these symptoms. As you might expect, I came to the erroneous conclusion that natural toothpaste was a load of codswallop and promptly went back to the other toothpastes I had been using.

It’s All Good Now.

Fast forward to about a year ago. I had seen a documentary called “Food Choices,” that featured David “Avocado” Wolfe. I was VERY impressed with his level of knowledge and passion for helping people through healthy foods. As a result of seeing him in this documentary I searched for more information about him on the internet and ended up being a subscriber to his emails. It was while watching a linked video titled “How To Care For Your Teeth,” from one of those emails that I had a SNAP! Cognition! The penny dropped, taking me back all those years to the realisation of what had gone wrong with my attempt to use healthier toothpaste. I have included the video below. It’s 10 minutes long so go ahead and watch it if you have time. If not, you might try to schedule some time to watch it later.

How To Make The Change Properly.

Since then I have weaned myself off regular toothpaste and am now using organic toothpaste only. This time there are no bleeding gums and everything seems to be working out much smoother. It has been at least 9 months or more, at time of writing in May 2017, since both Nashua and I have changed to natural organic toothpaste. The way we did it was nice and easy. In the beginning we used the organic toothpaste every fourth brushing. Somewhere around the 10 – 14 day mark we used the organic toothpaste every third brushing and so on and so on until we were using only the organic toothpaste.

We have used Dr. Bronner’s Cinnamon Toothpaste which tastes really nice and several varieties of Riddells Creek Organic Toothpastes. Nashua and I both came to the conclusion that we prefer the Riddells Creek toothpaste. We both agreed that it leaves our mouths with a cleaner aftertaste. Sometime after I read a couple of comments about some natural toothpastes containing glycerine. The comments were alluding to a belief that glycerine can impede the ability of teeth to re-mineralise. A survey of the ingredients in Riddells Creek toothpaste shows that it contains no glycerine so it has become our toothpaste of choice. Check out our reviews section for our take on some of the natural and/or organic toothpastes we have trialed.

Neem Oil, Bicarb Soda And Saliva!

Another couple of quick tidbits before the end of this article:

As you would have seen if you watched the David Wolfe video, neem essential oil is excellent for maintaining the health of your teeth. I don’t think there would be many people willing to claim that neem oil is a taste sensation. In fact, it’s a long way from it! It doesn’t taste very nice at all. We use two or three drops on the brush only at night because we don’t want the taste lingering during the day.

The other thing we want you to be prepared for, if you decide to make the switch to natural and/or organic toothpaste, is the SALIVA FEST! Have you ever seen one of those slobbering dogs in the park or in the movies? That’s what you are going to be like when you use organic toothpaste for the first time! This occurs because of the sodium bicarbonate used in natural toothpastes. It caught us by surprise when we first used it. Consider yourself warned! Make sure you lean over the basin.


Phil and Nashua,

Founders of The Organic Warriors.

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