Alrighty then, let’s dive straight into the deep end shall we? I’m just going to gear up. I’ll be needing my mouth guard, gloves, bullet proof vest, helmet, with a face mask of course, and I’ll be right back.

Why the need for all the protective equipment? Because what I’m about to write always seems to manifest, or in some way precipitate, bullets, jeers, bottles, anger, consternation!

But it needs to be said.

Whenever anyone says something about the meat and dairy industries, that those industries don’t like, the air gets a little less friendly, a little more hostile, and in some cases, well………a little more murdery. And these kinds of reactions are not only confined to those industries but also to the happily contented, meat gorging consumers as well.

My family are from a beef and sheep farming background in Australia. My parents, uncles, aunties, and cousins are still in these industriesAnyone for a glass of liquid flesh? but the evidence is coming in and it can not be denied. It’s overwhelmingly in favour of NOT eating meat. ANY meat. That includes fish and chicken too. And what of dairy? Milk has been, somewhat comically in my opinion, described as “Liquid Flesh!” Hahaha!

I have to admit that my sense of humour is most certainly more left of centre than most. But at the same time, ew. It’s a very well thought out label that one. The thought of it gives me the shivers. After I laugh, that is.

So here’s the horrible, bloody truth. A plant based diet has been proven to have sufficient protein, will severely increase your likelihood of a longer life, will improve your health abundantly if you are already plagued with illness, and if you are not already plagued with illness, will immeasurably safeguard you from the phenomena of Western illness and disease, and will generally make you feel like a million dollars. “How is all this possible?” you scoff! It’s possible because if you are eating an entirely plant based diet…… will not be eating meat.

Meat, Glorious Meat!

There are a lot of really good documentaries trying, against all odds, to put the truth out there. Some of the great docos that we really enjoyed, and had to pick our jaws up off the floor after watching, we saw on Netflix. So we would encourage you to get Netflix or, search wherever you search, for these films and watch them as a matter of urgency for the benefit of your health.

If memory serves me correctly, the first documentary we ever watched on the subject of a plant based diet was “Hungry For Change.” It is a great documentary and we highly recommend you see it. Some others include:

  • “Food Matters”
  • “Food Choices”
  • “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead” (original and 2.)
  • “The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue”
  • “Forks Over Knives”
  • “Cowspiracy”

There are a plethora of documentary films out there that are attempting to push the truth out into the world for our own good. The most recent we have seen (June 2017) on Netflix is “What The Health!” It’s a great documentary and we honestly hope you will take the time to see it. Here is the 2:03 trailer.

We Are In The Same Boat Brother And Sister

I try hard not to be a dunce but sometimes it doesn’t go too well for me. Nashua and I watched these documentaries and decided we were going to give veganism a go. So we did. For two months we ate an almost exclusively plant based diet. I must confess to breaking at least two times and doing midnight sorties to the evil Red and Yellow company for a cheeseburger. Discipline zero, Sir.

We had kale, cucumber, parsley, and coriander smoothies flying all over the place.  Did you know coriander is also called cilantro by some silly people in some silly countries? Anyway, back to the story. You know what? We really did feel GREAT! There really is something right about eating that way. How do I know? Because my body was telling me. It was saying “Thaaaaank-yooooou.” Talk about a clean out! Phew!

Now it’s confession time. After that two months we went to my family’s Christmas. We had decided to eat meat at Christmas so as not to upset the apple cart. We wanted smooth sailing and being those try hard, annoying new vegans who don’t want this, and don’t want that, no meat, no milk, no eggs, no butter, was not going to keep us under the radar. I confess to you all, on the all seeing, all consuming, all powerful World Wide Web, that I fell off the wagon.

Burger From Hellicious CityA lifetime of eating steak, bacon, chicken, turkey, and fish creates a fairly solid habit, and dare I say it, possibly an A-D-D-I-C-T-I-O-N. Shhhhhhhh. Just looking at the burger in this picture as I write is evoking feelings in me. It’s not easy to become a vegan after a life of different eating habits and pervasive, persuasive, marketing and PR campaigns!

I mean, I was literally salivating at the smell of the local burger shop who, by the way, promote their burgers as healthy. They also make a truly healthy veggie burger which I have not yet tried.

And therein layeth the rub! I discovered, while attempting to be a vegan, I had no idea what to eat, how to cook it, or where to find people who did. Furthermore, the convenience factor of healthy, tasty, reasonably priced, vegan fast food is virtually non existent in my city.

Luckily for me, we have also recently seen, “The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue,” which gave me hope that I can actually prepare some fantastic, completely plant based, meals that will be filling and taste awesome.

 Check out this 1:43 trailer for, “The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue.”

All this talk of not eating meat brings the usual, well worn comments such as, “Nobody lives forever,” “You gotta die of something,” etc. etc. blah, blah, blah. We understand that no body is going to live forever and everyone’s body will eventually die. However, there is no need for any of us to have a dramatically shortened life expectancy, or something I consider far more insidious and evil, a long life of chronic illness and disease so that you are a lifelong, tiny little profit centre victim for massive pharmaceutical and medical companies and consortiums. Those guys can get STUFFED! Middle finger!

I Like Cows. I Really Do.

I really do like cows. They are fine, sentient, intelligent, mostly friendly animals that are really quiet pleasant to have around. What can not be discounted is the damage they, and other meat animals do to our health, and what a huge impact they have on the planet. They take up too much space and consume too much water compared to the amount of food they produce.


It’s really mind boggling and the documentary, “Cowspiracy,” goes into them in more detail. The most significant statistic that floored me was that the cattle population of the planet emits more dangerous green house gases than the ENTIRE….planets….transportation….industry!

I want you to take a minute to let that concept sink in. I said the ENTIRE GLOBAL transportation industry. When I say the entire industry, I literally mean all cars, all trucks, all ships, aeroplanes, trains and machinery on the face of this earth do not spew forth the same amount of planet damaging gases as the beef industry! I know right? It’s unfathomable. Yet, it is the reality. That’s a lot of farting cows.

Another fact that has stayed with me is that the amount of land cleared, land required, and the amount of food and energy that goes into producing only one kilo of beef outstrips many, many times over, the same amount of land and energy required to grow plants for food consumption.

The bottom line is: the meat industry is an extremely inefficient source of food for the people of this planet.

I Could Go And On

I really could go on and on about this subject and turn this post into a long one but I’m concerned that people would lose interest and stop reading.

I was going to write about the activists who have been murdered for speaking about the beef industry, I wanted to write about extreme athletes who are eating vegan.

One guy’s name is Rich Roll. He is featured in one or more of the documentaries we mentioned.

His story is unreal.

He was an old, fat, couch potato like me and now he runs marathons, triathlons, and has done crazy ultra-triathlons all on a 100% plant based diet. You can do a Google search on him to find out more if you are interested.

I wanted to write about massive bodybuilders who have built that muscle on a 100% plant based diet. But I am going to finish this post here and try to get the message across again.

All we want for your health and well-being is to take a look at the documentaries we mentioned and make your own decision about the information presented.

Me personally, I am the last person in the world who can tell you to cut meat out of your diet immediately and go on a 100% plant based diet. I would be a hypocrite because I can not even do that myself. I’m still not on a 100% plant based diet myself but I can see the truth when it is placed in front of my nose and I am making an attempt to move toward a 100% plant based diet.

I think David Wolfe’s approach of adding more of the good stuff into your diet in the initial stages of changing over is the most measured and sensible idea.  Simply add more fruit and vegetables to your diet. Whether that be as they are or using one of the many blenders on the market to make healthy green smoothies. That way you can get the benefits of many fruits and vegetables in one serving.

Make sure you include the very high chlorophyll containing plants of coriander (cilantro), and parsley because they have amazing detoxifying abilities for your body. This will manifest most noticeably in the reduction of bad body odour and bad breath.

Good luck to you all.


Phil and Nashua,

Founders of The Organic Warriors.

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