In the interest of full disclosure and truth in advertising we would like our users to know that we will receive a commission if you click through one of our links to a website we are affiliated with and complete a purchase.

One example of a site that we link to and are affiliated with is Biome Eco Stores in Brisbane, Australia. We are proud of our affiliation with Biome and could not be happier with them. Tracey and Michele at Biome are 100% on point. They will only stock a product once it is confirmed that is does not contain palm oil or is IP (Identity Preserved) sustainable palm oil, such as that used in Dr. Bronner’s products. Tracey and Michele will go to great lengths to obtain proof from manufacturers that what they say on their packaging is, in fact, true. Biome won’t stand for any “greenwashing,” and they are to be commended for sticking to their principles.


Phil and Nashua,

The Organic Warriors.