Customer Service. The Good And The Bad.

I Just wanted to share a little story about customer service that probably has little to do with this site but, meh, I’m going to do it anyway!

There is an Ultratune car servicing centre near where we live. For anyone who may be reading from a different part of the world, Ultratune is a national branded car servicing / mechanic business here in Australia. Recently as I had driven past a few times, I had noticed a big sign out the front saying something to the effect of;

“Come and get a drive through light bulb check.”

This had piqued my interest as the front left headlight on the car had gone out a couple of weeks before so every time I went past this place I kept thinking to myself that I must go in there and get them to change it out. The other reason was that the car is going to need servicing soon so I was thinking of taking it to them. I had used Ultratune when I lived in Sydney but had not used this particular Utratune location near where we live now.

Look Out! 5 - 0!Fast forward to a couple of nights ago while out driving. Plodding along, minding my own business when the red and blue flashing lights come on behind me and I am pulled over by a couple of officers of The Stasi/Politburo. One officer, an Englishman, (I have noticed that, for some odd reason, there is a disproportionately high amount of English police officers here in Perth, Australia), introduced himself and explained I had been pulled over because the front headlight was out. The officers checked that the vehicle was registered to me, then the younger Aussie officer proceeded to give me an alcohol breath test while the Englishman walked around the car inspecting it for defaults, Gestapo style. I was then “allowed,” to carry on with my errands.

Maybe you can pick up that I’m not a big fan of being pulled over by the police while I’m simply going about my business?

Needless to say, I now had extra motivation to go and try Ultratunes drive through light bulb replacement. So yesterday it was 4 p.m. and I thought it may be too late to get this done as a lot of mechanics close around 4 p.m. I went to their website and saw that they were open until 5:30 p.m. “Great!” I thought. I’ll go around and get it done but before I did I thought it wise to give them a call, ask about the price, and make sure I could get it done. At the end of the call I said I would be around in 10 to 15 minutes. All good.

Off I went. I got to the place and went into the office. One of the mechanics there came into the office and said he would get the manager for me. The manager came over, I explained I had just called and wanted to get the headlight replaced to which his reply was something along the lines of;

“Oh…everyone’s pretty busy at the moment. They’re all running around like headless chooks (chook is Australian slang for a chicken) and we’re closing in half an hour. (it was 4:20 p.m. and their website said they close at 5:30 p.m) Can you come back at 5 or tomorrow?”

I said it was no problem, I would come back tomorrow but actually, inside I was seething. I had, after all, called to confirm it was going to be okay. Their website said they were open until 5:30 p.m. What a circus!

I drove out with no intention of returning and no intention of getting the vehicle serviced there in the future! I promptly drove 10 minutes away to a local Autopro, an auto parts business that I always use. I went into the shop, explained my headlight was out, and the very helpful guy there came out to my vehicle, opened the bonnet (that’s the hood), went and got a replacement bulb and installed it while I was at the counter paying for it!!! And I would like to point out that it cost me $15 for the bulb whereas I had been quoted a minimum of $25  at the other place! The whole transaction at the Autopro took 5 minutes at the most! I told the lady serving me, who owns the Autopro, about the debacle at the other establishment and vowed I was going to write about it on the net. Hence this post.

Autopro Bentley - Awesome

So there are two vastly different examples of customer service in one little ol’ post. Every time I go to that particular Autopro they are helpful to a fault, even though I am one of those annoying customers who only buys something as small and cheap as a light bulb. They are excellent!



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