In the Water section we state that drinking water, and quality thereof, should be the very first consideration in any attempt to achieve better body health. This is one area that we can all make a change relatively easily and benefit greatly from.

When you watch this video please bare in mind that we believe you should drink steam distilled water, not just any kind of water. This video is 1:20 long.

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Pure Water Distillers


We have talked about the benefits of distilled water for drinking in another post here. That was a fairly long and involved post. At one stage we touched on the fact that Nashua and I have been drinking bottled distilled water in 15 litre bottles, roughly equivalent to 4 or 5 U.S. gallon bottles. We also touched on a shower filter system to soften the water you bathe in but there is another option to get your distilled drinking water and that is from a pure water distiller. There are even units that can distill enough water for your whole household which would negate the need for a water softening shower filter. To have your whole water supply be distilled water would be the pinnacle of clean water usage. We can only imagine showering in distilled water! Ah……Nirvana!
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