In our humble opinion water is the very first step everyone should focus on in an any attempt to live a healthier life. Before exercise, before diet, before your guru, or the stars, water, and quality thereof, should come first!

And in our opinion you should be drinking a good quality distilled water as part of that first step. For more information on why we believe this you can read our blog on the subject here.

You may hear on the grapevine that distilled water is “dangerous,” to your health, is going to lead you to an early grave, is too acidic, or that some water is “too pure,” to be consumed. These and many other derogatory and misleading disinformation about distilled water are disseminated routinely. If you happen to hear comments such as these please remember this; they are poppycock!

We believe the ideal situation for everyone would be owning your own whole house commercial water distillation system from Pure and Secure LLC to clean all of the water you use including the water you shower and wash in.

We have done a lot of searching and have come to the conclusion that Pure and Secure manufacture the very best commercial and personal water distillation units available. They also produce units that are compatible with the Australian electricity supply.

Pure and Secure LLC are a U.S. based company that are so good at what they do and so trusted by the U.S government, they are the secure water system manufacturer of choice for hundreds of U.S. embassies the world over.

This is no small accolade because these distillation units must be able to effectively clean water that may be tainted by chemical, nuclear or biological contamination from persons who wish harm upon U.S. embassy staff.

However, we understand that the price of a full commercial system will be prohibitive to most people.

In that instance, the next step to take is getting a smaller system to clean only your drinking water. Pure and Secure have units that are much more affordable and accessible to more people than their commercial units.

Once you have your drinking water sorted out you can then consider getting filters for your shower that will eliminate the more harmful chemicals like chlorine and fluoride that can be inhaled during a shower or bath and have been proven to cause harmful cumulative damage.

If either of those options is still not viable for you, your next step would be doing your research and finding a local producer of high quality distilled drinking water.

If you are in Australia you can buy 15 litre distilled water from Refresh® pure water which is also branded as Moores Ultra Pure Water in some states. Refresh and Moores also have 12 and 5 litre sizes which are stocked at Woolworths supermarkets. They also manufacture  1.5 litre and 600 ml sizes which can be found in smaller retail outlets or by contacting Refresh or Moores directly.

Some purified water on the market use different water purification methods. Somewhat ironically, one of the ways to purify water is to lace it with chlorine!

Please do not be fooled into thinking all pure water is the same as Refresh or Moores. There are several different ways to purify water.  Be aware that many other producers use reverse osmosis and filtration systems that are inferior to steam distillation.

The absolute pinnacle of water purification is a steam distillation system which also utilises a Volatile Organic Compound (V.O.C) filter in the process. Refresh / Moores uses such a process.

Steam-distillation is so effective, that in severe water emergencies in the U.S.A, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the American Red Cross and the American Water Works Association (AWWA) all recommend using a distiller to purify the water for drinking. They do not recommend filters or reverse osmosis.

If you decide to go down the route of buying your distilled drinking water from a local manufacturer, which is what we do ourselves, again, your next consideration would be looking at filters for your shower.


 New Wave Enviro Filters

New Wave Enviro Filters are shower filters that you can easily install yourself. They use KDF-55 and crystal quartz to filter chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, reduces heavy metals and “softens” the water. Hydrogen sulphide causes the rotten egg smell in Reverse Osmosis and other treated water. It will also help remove bacteria, mould, and mildew in your bathroom. The filter will last approximately 12 months before it needs replacing.

In case you were wondering, KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. Kinetic Degradation Fluxion is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.

You may see some headlines and videos online by whole house system manufacturers and installers that imply KDF-55 is not good to use. Please be aware that these videos only relate to the use of KDF-55 in whole house systems. They do not attack the efficacy of KDF-55 to properly filter water. Rather they point to the fact that KDF-55 is very expensive and it is very heavy which makes it financially less attractive for businesses to use in whole house systems because they need to use a lot more of it.

Biome has the New Wave Enviro Filter assemblies and replacement filters.

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