So many products, so little time! With more and more…..and MORE new organic and natural products coming onto the market do you find it a little overwhelming to choose products for you and your family?

Fear not intrepid Organic Warrior! We are happy to be your personal guinea pigs. We will personally try and review products and report back here. As you begin to discover if your tastes and preferences align with ours you will be able to choose products quickly based on your trust in us.

Your trust in us IS our number one goal. We do not want to be another tacky site that recommends based on the incentive amount for us.

We will recommend honestly and fairly comparing products against what we have already used. All opinions are our own and we NEVER accept payments for positive reviews. As we use more products, our evaluations may change according to our experience and what we have previously used.

While you are looking at any reviews here at The Organic Warriors we would like you to keep in mind that we are comparing products from like minded companies that use all natural, organic, or a combination of both for their ingredients. The companies that produce these products are trying to produce exceptionally clean and responsible products for their end users. We do not consider these companies to be in competition with each other. Rather, we see them as allies with the competition being the massive corporations who manufacture products that cause harm to a largely unaware public.

Our rating system at The Organic Warriors consists of a scale of “Tree Huggin’ Hippies,” that ranges from 0 to 5 with half increments. If you see a product and it does not have a high Tree Hugging Hippie score it does not mean it is a bad product. It would not be on our site if it were a bad product. If we were to compare any of the products here to the majority of their counterparts on the shelves in supermarkets the results would be as follows:

Products Here: 5 Out Of 5 Tree Huggin’ Hippies



Most Products On Supermarket Shelves: 0 Out Of 5 Tree Huggin’ Hippies




Phil and Nashua,

Founders of The Organic Warriors.






  • Biologika – – Bergamot Macadamia – – Lavender – – Rose Geranium – – Vanilla Almond
  • Clear Conscience Soap Co. – –
  • Dindi Naturals – – Coriander Mint – – Rainforest Lime
  • Dr. Bronner’s – – Sandalwood Jasmine – – Rose
  • Scrumpy Soap Co. – – Australian Organic Hemp Seed Oil – – Friends Of The Forest – – Ginger Spice – – Lime and Lemon Verbena – –


  • Dr. Bronner’s – –
  • Organic Selections – – Lavender & Ylang Ylang – – Lemon Myrtle & Avocado – – Rosemary & Kakadu Plum – – Rosewood & Almond


  • Biologika – – Evening Bliss – – Lavender Fields – – Lemon Kiss – – Live It Up – – Mystic Wish
  • Earths Purities – – Men’s Natural Deodorant Paste – – Nero For Him Liquid Roll On – – Pure For Him BiCarb Free Deodorant


  • Eco Modern Essentials – – Geranium – – Rosemary – – Santorini Blend
  • Heritage Oils – – Bergamot Sicilian – – Cinnamon Bark – – Queensland Sandalwood
  • Thursday Plantation – – Frankincense


  • Beauty And The Bees – – Eggcellent Egg & Lemon Shampoo Bar
  • Clear Conscience Soap Co. – – Cinnamon Shampoo Bar
  • Dr. Bronner’s – – Rose – – Sandalwood Jasmine
  • Organic Selections – – Lavender & Ylang Ylang Shampoo – – Lavender & Ylang Ylang Conditioner – – Lemon Myrtle & Avocado Shampoo – – Lemon Myrtle & Avocado Conditioner – – Rosemary & Kakadu Plum Shampoo – – Rosemary & Kakadu Plum Conditioner – – Rosewood & Almond Shampoo – – Rosewood & Almond Conditioner


  • Dr. Bronner’s – – Cinnamon
  • Riddells Creek – – Herbal “with Myrrh” – – Lemon – – Mint