In the Water section we state that drinking water, and quality thereof, should be the very first consideration in any attempt to achieve better body health. This is one area that we can all make a change relatively easily and benefit greatly from.

When you watch this video please bare in mind that we believe you should drink steam distilled water, not just any kind of water. This video is 1:20 long.

Until recently, we would have said food and exercise should be the second and third considerations respectively, however, we have, not long ago, discovered something that may be senior to food and exercise, and possibly even water quality in the realm of health.

This technique is relatively new to us but a lot of people have known about it for a long time. So to reiterate; new to us but not new. We hope that’s as clear as mud.

The best thing about it? It’s FREE! That’s right, you didn’t read that incorrectly. It’s FREE, it’s so simple, and it’s EVERYWHERE. We go into that a little bit further down the page under the heading, “What After Water?”

One of the reasons we consider the quality of your drinking water so important is because water is the medium for delivery of fluoride and many other damaging chemical concoctions in the form of city and town water supplies the world over.

Fluoride is also found in common, commercially mass produced toothpastes and other everyday products as a preservative. Ironically, fluoridation is insidiously sold to us by public health officials here in Australia, The United States, Canada, and the U.K. as a health benefit!

If you have always been a rabid defender of the use of fluoride as a dental health measure we think the following video may give you occasion to pause.

But don’t just believe us! Listen to some of the experts on the situation when you have 6 mins and 33 seconds to spare.

Ballina council in Northern New South Wales in Australia stopped providing fluoride in tablet and drop form in 2004. They were no longer authorised to do so because New South Wales legislation began classifying fluoride as what it is. A poison.

Of course there are many, many subjects to be addressed in the “health” realm but we thought it pertinent to start with FLUORIDE in drinking water.

We have also written a blog that contains eye opening information about fluoride from prominent sources. You can read it here.

What After Water?

As we mentioned previously, after water, there are a myriad of options to consider for your health. In fact, there is such a vast ocean of products and people selling them that one could be forgiven for becoming overwhelmed with it all.

So many companies are selling a single product almost as a panacea, a cure all if you will. We don’t discount the possibility of a panacea being out there somewhere, however we are concerned that many are nothing more than the Wild West equivalent of snake oil.

Bearing this in mind we wanted to add a few more videos that we think stand above the rabble and are worthy of greater consideration than most.

Something that we came across and really blew us away with it’s simplicity, utter simplicity, is called “grounding” or “earthing”.

Please note that if you are on medication for your thyroid or blood thinners you must be aware that this technique may dramatically reduce the amount of medication you will require. You should have your doctor monitor your progress. They will probably be pissed off because he or she will not make enough sales to get on that pharmaceutical company sponsored trip to the Bahamas.

But hey, too bad for them, and better for you! Was that a little bit harsh? We’ll let the video explain. The video below is 14:56 long but we believe there is a LOT of value in it for you.

This next video is 5:10 in length and follows on from the previous.

In the video at the bottom of this section, David Wolfe experiments with EMF (Electric and Magnetic Fields) radiation. EMFs come from your electrical goods like desktops, laptops, smartphones, televisions.

The relatively new “environmentally friendly,” long lasting light bulbs for your house throw of shockingly extreme EMF radiation. Not to mention they contain mercury.

Sheesh! Would it be considered conspiratorial thinking if we questioned the Australian government’s decision to legislate that all the old filament light bulbs had to be replaced with these new bulbs…..?

What’s the deal with EMF radiation? Apparently EMF radiation has been proven to cause free radicals to form/increase in your body. We would be very surprised if you had not heard of free radicals but to give you a very brief overview of free radicals in the words of South Park character Mr. Mackey, “Free radicals are bad, mmmm’kay.”

The video below is 11:16 long.

Food Dude!

Of course food must be a consideration when we are in the realm of body health. This is a fairly obvious statement but we definitely believe it is a subordinate consideration to water quality.

A documentary that we highly recommend and which sparked the genesis of The Organic Warriors is called “Food Matters.” Here is a snippet from the documentary that features David Wolfe. One point that we like in this video is the concept of “adding the good stuff in.” This video is 13:30 long.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

WARNING! Never consume Hydrogen Peroxide without availing yourself with as much knowledge about it as you can. There are different grades of Hydrogen Peroxide. Only one grade is safe for internal consumption but even then, it must be properly diluted first and with water that does NOT contain chlorine. Some other grades are suitable for external use but they must also be diluted first. Care and proper safety protection equipment, i.e. gloves and glasses, should be used whenever any Hydrogen Peroxide is handled.

Do you want to hear something really funny? Because we are in Australia we are legally unable to say anything about the health benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide!

So we are going to do just that and NOT say anything about the health benefits of Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide. Are you catching our continental drift? Are you picking up what we’re putting down? Lo entiendes amigos y amigas? *wink**wink*

Did you know there is this company called Google and it is possible to do a search of the World Wide Web for any search term? You could even do a search for “Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide,” and see what comes up.

Happy hunting.


Phil and Nashua,

Founders of The Organic Warriors.

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