Body and Bath products have come a long, long way since the days of the old Sunlight® bar soap in the shearing shed. And they continue to advance into the past today.

What on earth does that statement mean? It seems that all our “advances,” in product development were already known to different peoples of the world hundreds, or even thousands of years ago. What we are “discovering” now is not really discovery at all but merely the recovery of lost information. This realisation adds a new concept to the old saying, “All progress is backwards.”

The big revolution in Body and Bath products is that of the small artisan producers of superb quality goods. Actually, this is across all categories of products we use in daily life.

For example, these days it is entirely possible for a small organic or natural skincare producer to have, in our opinion, a far superior product to the big players and at very competitive prices to the big players.


Phil and Nashua,

Founders of The Organic Warriors.