About Us

G’day, we are Phil and Nashua, The Organic Warriors.

Phil and Nashua
Phil and Nashua doing the duck face in Thailand, March 2015

So what about us? We are from sunny, downtown Perth in Australia. We are your average everyday people who started paying attention to stories about the use of nasty chemicals and fillers in the products we use daily at home. You know, things like food, soap, toothpaste, household cleaning products, shampoos, deodorant, sunscreen, and skincare. We began to realise the list goes on and on as you delve deeper and deeper. We started to get curious about the stories we were hearing and began our own personal investigations trying to figure it all out (thanks Google!). In the end it all came down to quiet a simple principle.


However, this is beginning to change slightly with those big grocery stores starting to introduce small natural product sections after catching wind of the fact that people do not want to be exposed to harmful, and toxic substances in their environment anymore. That social awareness and responsibility is on the rise and people want products that will not be harmful to the environment either. Despite this, tricky labeling laws in Australia allow a product to be labelled “natural” if contains as little as just 5% natural ingredients! We imagine the situation would be similar in other westernised countries. So it is important to educate yourself and note that there are varying degrees of natural.

A little about Phil…..Phil in Phuket, Thailand.

I was your average kid growing up in rural Australia. When I got sick as a kid I was given cough syrups, throat lozenges, and aspirin. Basically the normal things we, in western society, are taught to do when we get ill. That commonly meant a prescription for antibiotics after a doctors visit. This was in the 80’s when antibiotics were doled out like lollies. (That’s candy for the Americans and Canadians. 😉 ) And for kids and adults today? Well it’s much the same, if not worse!

I was very skinny, quiet poorly actually, VERY small for my age, and had the tell tale yellowy tint to my teeth that is common with the overuse of mainstream western medicines and antibiotics. When I was about 11 or 12 I distinctly remember thinking to myself, “right, that’s it! I’m done with antibiotics.” I do not know why I was so direct and adamant about the subject. I just was. As I grew older and moved away from home this ethos extended to more medicinal products like the well known paracetamol and pseudoephedrine brands. Now that I am a crotchety old man the move to natural and / or organic products is expanding and accelerating, hence The Organic Warriors were born.

A little about Nashua…..Nashua bushwalking in "Heaven," Perth.

My childhood was a bit less “average,” than Phil’s. I am an Ethiopian who was born in Sudan in the 1980’s. I am Ethiopian but I have never actually been to Ethiopia. “What?” I hear you say. Let me explain. During the 80’s before I was born there were bombs and guns going off all over the place where my Mum and Dad were living in Ethiopia. They decided the situation was so bad they would rather travel, on foot, braving starvation, lack of water, exposure, soldiers with itchy trigger fingers, and worst of all, cannibals, yes it’s absolutely true, cannibals, to get refuge in Sudan!

After having six kids my Mum and Dad separated and we went with our Mum. My Mum, five siblings, and I literally lived and begged in the streets of Khartoum. If I were to describe that time of my life on the streets of Khartoum in one word, it would be “Dust!” Everything was covered in dust including my siblings and I. Being Orthodox Christians in a Muslim country and all the complexities related to that just added a little cherry on top! LOL. Suffice to say, in the end a very nice Egyptian man and a very nice Australian man from UNICEF got us to Perth in Australia as refugees. I remember getting here and thinking Australia was actually heaven! The grass was so green, there were trees everywhere, plants and birds. Then something unbelievable happened. The mother of our sponsor family GAVE me an APPLE!….. For me to eat!!!! There were apples in a bowl on the table! In Khartoum I used to see apples and salivate at the wonder of what they tasted like. They were an absolutely rare luxury for us there, and here I was in Australia holding an apple in my very own hands. Heaven!

Over time I realised some food in Australia tasted very different to Sudan. One very vivid memory was milk. I used to love milk in Sudan. We used to get fresh milk and when I tasted milk in Australia, it was very wrong. But my favourite milk was the ultimate in organic. Straight from my pet goats Shashu and Gormier! These days, the only milk I drink is organic coconut milk or organic almond milk and I have become an Organic Warrior.

We want to live cleaner for our own health and encourage others to make small changes that, when made by people en masse, help the environment and all of us in a big way. Thanks for dropping by our site and please feel free to contact us with support or questions any time.


Phil and Nashua,

Founders of The Organic Warriors.